The Very Most – Idaho, America in 2049

The Very Most

So at last we’ve reached The Very Most’s 1000th effort at being crowned the kings of indie pop. The Idaho’s band frenetic release schedule is a joy for anyone with a penchant for soft melodies, chiming chords and harmonies from the Camera Obscura book of perfect sound. We’re quite fond of them as you’ve probably gathered over the years and their newest EP ‘Just A Pup’ doesn’t disappoint in serving up several new shiny beacons of tweeness. And then something approaching a political statement arrives in the form of ‘Idaho, America in 2049’. Even with a message in its bill though it is the sweet bird chant that leaves the biggest impression. Kind of an epic this one, a song in 3 parts, a start, a middle and an end. The best kind. Someday, somehow, someone will shine down on them and I’ll have a thousand told you so’s waiting in the wings. KD

The Very Most – Idaho, America in 2049

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Year: 2013

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