Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano

Axel Boman

As well as being the last gasp of a world infected with politeness and efforts concentrated on tasks not entirely attention grabbing Friday evenings offers an opportunity to dally on something a bit different. A little diversion that is an oddity to a jangle hardened ear, a trace of electronica that could have easily featured on a ‘Trans-Siberian Express’ compilation but for the obstacle that the Swedish entrepreneur responsible was probably gap toothed at the time. There is obscure Eno at work here, not so much music for airports as soundtracks for opera halls. And you can hear more from Axel Boman next month when his ‘Family Vacation’ is released. On this evidence it could be what this year has needed. KD

Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano

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Year: 2013

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