Potty Mouth – Black and Studs

Potty Mouth

Thought for all the world that this would be an English band, the name and their sound (Elastica, Lush, Sleeper) just seemed like a fit but Potty Mouth are a U.S. proposition. And they’re not just another female fronted band as there’s 3 more girls pulling the strings in the background. Debut album ‘Hell Bent’ came out last month and promo track ‘Black and Studs’ offers enough snarl and attitude to ensure it is given plenty of exposure. This is the sound of the early to mid-90’s indie with clean and fuzzy guitar lines riding side by side with the requisite wasted vocals heaping riposte upon riposte until all you’ve left to do is nod in joyful appreciation. One for your Friday night indie dive, an uproarious start to an unforgettable weekend. KD

Potty Mouth – Black and Studs

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Year: 2013

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