Dancing Suns – The World

Nina Hynes

Was not expecting this, Nina Hynes in full reinvention mode with splendid results. Granted she always had the talent to make good on her genuine early promise but Dancing Suns is a marked step up from even that bright eyed creation. For one Hynes voice appears to have matured and in the process has given her pronouncements a loftier ambition. Secondly the additional presence of Fabien Leseure has bolstered the instrumental side of Hynes compositions so they now feel that much closer to sumptuous grandeur. ‘Dancing Suns’, the band’s debut LP, came out in mid-2013 following a very successful round of fan sourced funding. Opening track ‘The World’ is the pick of the tracks and for several moments approximates the Polyphonic Spree were they recapture the magic of yore. Long may this Dancing Suns beam. KD

Dancing Suns – The World

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Year: 2013

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