Blunda – Messages


It’s safe to say Andy Blunda has been around the block a few times (he played in 90’s bands Fastball/ Paloalto and has written award winning music for TV shows such as ‘Storage Wars and ‘After the Catch’) but rather than become grazed and bitter about the experience he has started producing some of the brightest hooks in indiedom that you’re likely to find in 2014. I speak in this way because I’ve just heard his new solo EP ‘Messages’ which is an indie pop gem, an unhurried expression of gorgeously melodic hooks and soft vocal forays. The title track is undoubtedly the honeyed core with its spirited 80’s underbelly that never drifts into pastiche but instead slowly pushes its breathlessly memorable chorus. It’s only early February and we’re already celebrating one of the songs of the year. KD

Blunda – Messages

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Year: 2014

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