Daniel Avery – Drone Logic

Daniel Avery

Not what you’d call typical Sunday music fare but then you nor I are a guard or a nurse so this could be the start of a brilliant weekend for some. And boy does this ‘Rez’ (Underworld) sounding beauty do its damndest to wrestle control from normality and return it to the dancefloor gods (in as much as noise flies high). ‘Drone Logic’ eventually gave birth to an album of the same name but before that it appeared on Daniel Avery’s 2012 EP ‘Water Jump’ EP. You’ll smell the Field in dispatches but ‘Drone Logic’ certainly holds its own in discharging a winning combination of acid-fuelled beats and thoughtful housienda manoeuvres (Orbital dashes elsewhere too which is rather pleasing – see below). With an armoury of well-respected remixes (the Horrors, Primal Scream) under his belt and Andrew Weatherall whispering sweet nothings from the wings Avery certainly has the potential to reach for the skies. KD

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic

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Year: 2012

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