Shoreline Is – Parts Per Million

Shoreline Is

Not content with producing one of the best football teams in Europe Dortmund also appears adept at challenging the cream of the continents dreampop acts with Shoreline Is. The follow-up to the band’s incandescent debut ‘Deal Kindly’ (they have a certain way with the English language ne c’est pas?) is due next month and while it remains untitled the good news is that it will actually arrive on something material (derived from crude oil) as opposed to solely in the form of a row of indistinguishable ones and zeroes. While we wait here is a subtle piece of craft that’ll have early 90’s fans in a whirl of nostalgia and perhaps, if legs will permit at their advancing age, motivated enough to sway rhythmically under a mess of hair and dandruff. Superb stuff. KD

Shoreline Is – Parts Per Million

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Year: 2012

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