Soko – We Might Be Dead Tomorrow


Although positively ancient in the context of these internet times (it was first released in 2012) Soko’s ‘We Might Be Dead Tomorrow’ has still stirred a decent amount of interest thanks to its promo video and Soko herself Stéphanie Sokolinski’s appearance on MTV’s ‘First Kiss’ video. Whether its delicate, beating heart would have achieved the same level of interest without the images is quite easily answered but if it means that this French artist gets some attention it will be a shot in the arm for individualism and more importantly undisputed talent. The song is taken from Soko’s second album ‘I Thought I Was an Alien’ which will mean it will soon be winging its way back from outerspace into lots of cool and not so cool inner spaces. KD

Soko – We Might Be Dead Tomorrow

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Year: 2012 & 2014

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