The Pickled Onions – Please Please

The Pickled Onions

This is so reminiscent of the Clientele, or at least how I remembered how the Clientele sounded, that I actually went back to several tracks from ‘Strange Geometry’ to make sure it wasn’t too much of a leap. And you know they are kindred spirits, unquestionably aloof but utterly melodic in their approach. If anything the Pickled Onions have a cleaner sound going by the distinct clarity of ‘Please Please’. It is one of a few tracks meandering around various interweb junctures that will find their way onto the Pickled Onions ‘The Woods’ EP which is due out later this month. Not much is known of the band except that they are from Dublin, headed up by a man called Paddy McGovern who previously ran an equally mysterious project called Alphamono who caught our attention way back in 2009. ‘Please Please’ is superb, one might say faultless but then the danger in that statement is that it would leave no room for the Pickled Onions to get any better. If they do then something mind-blowing is assured. KD

The Pickled Onions – Please Please

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Year: 2014

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