Shoes – Do I Get So Shy


Because the internet wasn’t around in the mid 1970’s Illinois band Shoes never stood a chance. Without an army of spotty bloggers in their corner it was always likely that songs as delicate and demo-sounding as ‘Do I Get So Shy’ would disappear without trace. Thankfully though they’ve retained a profile of sorts (including having several of their vids play on the night MTV kicked off in 1981) which meant that their rich seam of pop artefacts were always destined for reinspection at some point. One might easily think that ‘Do I Get So Shy’ is contemporary, recorded by an extraordinary new band in their badly soundproofed garage. In truth it is the work of a pair of Murphy siblings, one Gary Klebe and a 4-track recorder. Originally given a limited vinyl release, on the extremely rare 12-track ‘Un Dans Versailles’, in 1975 via Shoes own imprint it saw the light of day again on the Shoes 1996 retrospective ‘As Is’. If you were brought up on a diet of indie pop, indie jangle and C86 now’s your chance to listen to the original of the species. I can’t stop listening. KD

Shoes – Do I Get So Shy

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Year: 1975

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