Midweek Crisis – Time Machine

There was an obvious reason why I was drawn to ‘Time Machine’, not least it’s insistence on focusing on a decade that we most hold dear. Not only that but Midweek Crisis do a particularly brilliant job of ushering up a fine brand of off-kilter anthem that is true to the time in question. They are alt operators and their ‘Time Machine’ breaks plenty of rules as it progresses. In short it is an unruly few minutes, chords splatter with abandon, words are thrown around like confetti and a bass line at the rear shows us what an important scaffolding that interjection is. An old school romance then, with lots of heart and nostalgia rolled into a package of good times, raking joyously over the old days. Midweek Crisis are a four-piece from Dundalk, Ireland and are a band after our own heart and with a debut album in the offing later in 2024 this is just the start of those rose tinted recollections. KH

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Year: 2024

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