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Bell Gardens – Take Us Away

Bell Gardens (comprised of Kenneth James Gibson and Brian McBride of Stars of the Lid fame) and the sound they make is not at all what you’d expect to arrive from the sultry streets of LA. This is sound to […] 

Simian Ghost – Summer Triptych

It’s been so long since Sweden was defying the odds seemingly supplying splendid new bands at every turn. The same thing happened to Canada and for a while it was tic-tac between them to decide the epicentre for fresh and […] 

Shoreline Is – Parts Per Million

Not content with producing one of the best football teams in Europe Dortmund also appears adept at challenging the cream of the continents dreampop acts with Shoreline Is. The follow-up to the band’s incandescent debut ‘Deal Kindly’ (they have a […] 

Candy Claws – Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling)

Quite how a band from Colorado hooked up with a tiny label from Dublin is anyone’s guess but I know I will curl up with a smile on my face knowing that ‘In The Dream With The Sea Life’ burst […] 

I Break Horses – I Kill Your Love, Baby!

As you’ll discover as this song progresses words become entirely unnecessary, or at least it becomes unnecessary to understand what they are, when the sentiment is so clearly evident. There’s a slow build through a bank of fog until a […] 

The White Birch – Small Hours

So brittle yet so smoulderingly intense from Norway’s the White Birch. The band have broken up but they’ve left us with plenty of tear-stained classics over 5 albums. The falsetto which so illuminates their music came from Ola Fløttum who […] 

The Morning Clouds – A Walk Home


Superhumanoids – Mikelah


DEDE – Secrets


The History Of Apple Pie – Tug


Wild Vibes – Innate


Call To Mind – A9


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