Top 42 Songs of 2006

What follows are the songs that have lit up mp3hugger’s year. It was a good one for individual songs but despite a late surge there was a marked decline in quality albums after the highs of last year (here are the best).

The only guideline for compiling this list was that artists could only appear once. This meant that even though, say, Peter Bjorn & John’s ‘Young Folks’ and ‘Up Against The Wall’ both deserved to be listed only one was chosen. Thanks to all those who submitted their favourites; your choices have been integrated into the final listing.

42) Fields – Charming The Flames

Did about enough to keep us entertained until the new Arcade Fire album drops.

More Info: Fields

41) Devics – Song For A Sleeping Girl

It’ll push your heart to breaking point.

More Info: Devics

40) Plan B – Sick 2 Def

Eye opening sentiments from the black sheep in the Streets household.

More Info: Plan B

39) The Egg – Walking Away

One listen and you’ll believe cars can speed skate.

More Info: The Egg

38) Ampop ““ Distance

Icelandic collective reach for a chorus and take home the laurels.

More Info: Ampop

37) Sa Sevol – The Little Ones

Mysterious Michigan band who’ll keep us guessing until January 2007.

More Info: Sa Sevol

36) Bobby Baby – Lucky Moments

Swedish acoustic wonderfulness.

More Info: Bobby Baby

35) Annuals – Brother

Whipper snaps his finger and out comes a twisted classic.

More Info: Annuals

34) Good Shoes ““ Small Town Girl

David Gedge is reborn and he comes from Morden.

More Info: Good Shoes

33) Shiny Toy Guns – Don’t Cry Out

Ibiza tailored piece of ecstasy.

More Info: Shiny Toy Guns

32) The Klaxons – The Bouncer

Kicks like a mule.

More Info: The Klaxons

31) Schroedersound ““ Brailowsky

Electronic textures from deepest Dublin 8.

More Info: Schroedersound

30) Ral Partha Vogelbacher – Birthday In Beijing

Incomprehensible name produces fluid rush of ear candy.

More Info: Ral Partha Vogelbacher

29) Mojave 3 – Breaking The Ice

High five from ex-Slowdive members.

More Info: Mojave 3

28) Islands – Tsuxiit

Soundings from the big forest in second life.

More Info: Islands

27) The Immediate – A Ghost In The House

Nifty manoeuvres from instrument swapping Irish quartet.

More Info: The Immediate

26) Band of Horses – The Great Salt Lake

Lively outing from My Morning Jacket doppelgangers.

More Info: Band of Horses

25) Oxford Collapse – He’ll Paint While We Play

Tender instrumentation has rarely sounded this good.

More Info: Oxford Collapse

24) Dirty On Purpose – Your Summer Dress

Leading lights from the burgeoning Brooklyn scene.

More Info: Dirty On Purpose

23) 8 Ball – The Big Blue

Showing Sound Team how to keep the pitchforks at bay.

More Info: 8 Ball

22) The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover

Glorious songs spewed from this band in 2006 and this was the highlight.

More Info: The Little Ones

21) Ian Love – The Only Night

Rival schools, rehab and now redemption.

More Info: Ian Love

20) Film School ““ Harmed

From an album stuffed with gems this has clocked up the most plays.

More Info: Film School

19) Liars – The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack

Near impenetrable album creates confusion by turning sweetly melodic at the death.

More Info: Liars

18) Director ““ Reconnect

As clinical as a team full of Kevin Doyle’s.

More Info: Director

17) The Field – Over The Ice

Swedish movers who prove that the Knife are facing some stiff competition.

More Info: The Field

16) The Late Cord – Lila Blue

Texas basement produces one of the darker delights of the year.

More Info: The Late Cord

15) Charlemagne – Your Scars

Unashamed sing-along that should be played from the crèche to the old folks home.

More Info: Charlemagne

14) The Stone Roses V Lily Allen – Water Lilly (Sam Flanagan M

In the year of Lily Allen it took John Squire to uncover her inner majesty.

More Info: Sam Flanagan

13) Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!

Welsh students run riot with a garage full of jangling instruments.

More Info: Los Campesinos!

12) Tapes ‘n Tapes ““ Manitoba

Buzz band of the year tickle the fancy of all the right tastemakers.

More Info: Tapes ‘n Tapes

11) Venice Is Sinking – Pulaski Heights

Dramatic use of strings is only one of Pulaski Heights many attractions.

More Info: Venice Is Sinking

10) Juana Molina – Hay Que Ver Si Voy

So what if Argentina threw away the world cup, their daughter won all our hearts with her epic ‘Son’.

More Info: Juana Molina

9) Au4 – Everything Always Moving

The Shoegaze revival starts to pick up pace with this heartbreaker.

More Info: Au4

8) Grizzly Bear ““ Easier

Rolling melodies from an album full of surprises.

More Info: Grizzly Bear

7) Midlake ““ Branches

Melancholia has rarely sounded this affecting.

More Info: Midlake

6) Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken

Wherein the Glaswegians finally wrestle the initiative from their countrymen Belle & Sebastian.

More Info: Camera Obscura

5) Moonbabies – War On Sound

A chorus to die for from the Malmo duo.

More Info: Moonbabies

4) Peter John & Bjorn – Up Against The Wall

7 minutes of bouncy thrills and that unforgettable chord sequence.

More Info: Peter John & Bjorn

3) My Latest Novel – Sister Sneaker Sister Soul

The album of the year arrived early in 2006 and remains undimmed many moons later.

My Latest Novel – Sister Sneaker Sister Soul

More Info: My Latest Novel

2) I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona

Happy core wonder from the band with the population of a small village.

I’m From Barcelona

1) Sunny Day Sets Fire – Wilderness

Nothing could touch this remarkable record from the multinational pop monster that is Sunny Day Sets Fire. Unforgettable dynamics, parallel melodies competing for your attention and the sense that it could at anytime head off to search for an undiscovered planet of sound.

Sunny Day Sets Fire – Wilderness

More Info: Sunny Day Sets Fire


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    As clinical as a team full of Kevin Doyle’s.

    LO -Fucking- OL!

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