A Heavily Bearded Hugger Was Undeterred By The Freakish West Of Ireland Winds

mp3hugger is an indie music blog based off the Irish coast towards Iceland. It started in September 2005 to introduce new music to people who may not otherwise get to hear it. The songs on mp3hugger are strictly only available to download for 12 days – mind you nowadays you can stream them forever. Our intention is not to violate copyright laws so if you are the owner of an mp3 posted here and are unhappy about its use, please email us and we will delete it immediately.

In June 2008 mp3hugger set up a record label called Indiecater. It has nice stuff that you can listen to and buy too.

To the readers of this site

Please take care of each mp3. If you like one, the chances are you’ll like the album it comes from. Click on the link to buy or do it the old fashioned way by rushing down to your local record store. This way you can help raise the profile of the artists behind this great music.

Useful tips: Click this icon Holly – She Speaks to play a tune. To download the tune, right click on the song title and choose ‘save link as’ to save the song to your hard drive. If you see this not just another colourless indie band then the song has expired and you have missed out!

If you are in a band:

If you’d like to be considered for review on mp3hugger please get in touch immediately. If possible please include a public link to the song/album on Soundcloud or Bandcamp – no need for CD’s but we’ll take your t-shirt so just ask for our address…thanks!

Need A Guaranteed Review?

If you’ve recorded the best song imaginable and would like to have a few quotable lines you can contact us on Submithub where you are guaranteed some honest feedback with 48 hours.

Kevin Hugger