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Philadelphia indie-pop band, Summer Fiction, led by Bill Ricchini, write some of the sweetest 60s inspired pop songs you’re bound to hear this side of Belle and Sebastian. My favorite track of theirs is the bouncy, piano-driven “Chandeliers,” which has a lovely video composed of clips from the 1965 film ‘Fists in the Pocket’. Here is a short interview with Bill. Jeremy Jensen

Jeremy Jensen: Unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance to hear your solo records, but what prompted you to make the change from recording as Bill Ricchini to recording as Summer Fiction?
Bill Ricchini: I thought the name sounded like the new songs I was writing. I also liked the idea of a
band name as a change. It is sexier and more mysterious.

JJ: In your bio, you mention that you write a lot of your songs while riding the subway. So, you actually compose melodies and chord sequences and all that with no instrument in front of you? Or is it mainly lyrics that get written during your commute?
BR: No I write melodies on the subway, arrangements. Some lyrics. I rarely start songs on instruments and like the idea of divine inspiration. Perhaps it is something in the silence and rhythm of a train or car. Or the fact i don’t own an iPod.

JJ: You’ve been getting a lot good attention for your record, all as an “unsigned” artist. What have been the advantages and disadvantages of working in this way, with no label?
BR: Disadvantage is I’d love some money and resources behind my band. But I do enjoy the control in every aspect of how I present the music, cover art, performances.

JJ:How have you liked playing live? Are there plans for a nationwide tour anytime soon? The video I saw of you guys at NYC Popfest sounded great.
BR: Thanks, we love playing live. We are planning a fall tour and trying to find a good booking agent.

JJ: What is it like being an indie-pop band in Philadelphia? Have people in Philadelphia been receptive, in general? I don’t know much about the Philadelphia music scene, but I’m not aware of any thriving indie-pop scene.
BR: Philly is a great place to play music. Lots of talent and great people. It is pretty thriving I’d say from Dr. Dog and Sun Airway to Kurt Vile and BC Camplight.

JJ: Anything else you’d like the world to know about Summer Fiction?
BR: We’re excited for the fall.

Summer Fiction – Chandeliers

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Year: 2010

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