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Fort Romeau – Insides

Michael Greene as Fort Romeau offers a nice blend of house and experimental electronic on his new album ‘Insides’. Each track has something to offer though they do tend to blend into each other by track 5 or 6. Picking […] 

Evan Tyler and Topless Literati – You’re Hysterical

It doesn’t take too much noise to make a cult dance record and by that I mean it doesn’t need to thump thump you into dancefloor submission. All that is generally required is something just above the quietness of a […] 

Ghost Culture – Guidecca

James Greenwood as Ghost Culture lives in the magical world that is co-inhabited by Daniel Avery (hardly surprising then that they both reside on the same London record label). The collective drone logic appears to be that the earlier pioneers […] 

Kormac – Everything Around Me

Dubliner DJ Kormac doesn’t do things by half. Not content with just supplying some of the coolest beats/brass/grooves of 2014 on his album ‘Doorsteps’ he also enlisted a myriad of arty celebrities (Irvine Welsh, Speech Debelle and most excitingly Micah […] 

Grouplove – Ways To Go

I heard this for the first time via the charm of a set of cheap speakers plugged into an even cheaper phone yet it sprung to life regardless. To be truthful it was the electronic pulses that resonated the most, […] 

Carriages – Iron And Fire

Surprising that Rusted Rail haven’t been on their case because this is the distillation of what that fine Irish label produces. As it is Carriages seem entirely happy with the way things are panning out, infiltrating the sounds of the […] 

Photoreal – Uncle

You could probably call it the Washed Out effect, the sound of a melange of electronica and dream pop corralled into a wistful whole. On this occasion the beautiful noise comes courtesy of Diwas Gurung (one half of the Brooklyn […] 

Outfit – Thank God I Was Dreaming

Although the central hook is one step shy of fantastically memorable the surrounding electro/vocal patter is gorgeous. And this from a Liverpool band that certainly lean on an 80’s template without ever descending into sticky pastiche like many of their […] 

Desert – Desert

If you’re wondering what the strange lyrics are let me put you out of your misery as (the Minty Fresh bound) Desert sing in Catalan. Comprised of Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé this Barcelona duo came together in the wake […] 

Satchmode – Old Fears

Few songs so easily slip into consciousness as this one from L.A. duo Satchmode. They are fresh out of the blocks and appear unencumbered with having to sound like anyone else apart from themselves. The result is their debut track […] 

Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano

As well as being the last gasp of a world infected with politeness and efforts concentrated on tasks not entirely attention grabbing Friday evenings offers an opportunity to dally on something a bit different. A little diversion that is an […] 

Spirit Spine – Atlantic Downs

No it’s not a lost Ian Brown track, instead it features the voice and arrangements of one Joseph Denney who last year created a minor classic in ‘Atlantic Downs’. It sank without trace which would be funny if it weren’t […] 

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