JJAMZ – Heartbeat

Seems kinda apt that Myspace has used a group made up of splinters of cool from a range of indie quarters to promo their upcoming new coat of paint. The preview of the once great behemoth looks swish, cool and about to shake up the social networking world but then it is hard to tell when the marketing men (and Justin Timberlake) are behind what is for all intensive purposes an infomercial. But if you were to put cynicism aside for a minute and let JJAMZ (I tried their name without caplocks and it didn’t look quite as impressive) pulsate the dream we could be in for a treat. ‘Heartbeat’ is note perfect and for once this hasn’t resulted in our hasty beeline to the nearest convenience. KD

JJAMZ – Heartbeat

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Year: 2012

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