Simen Mitlid – I Don’t Care

If ‘Vacation’ (vid below) had’ve been on vinyl chez hugger it would be redundant by now given how many plays it got last year (and still does) so naturally I was excited to hear what our talented Norweigan Simen Mitlid did next. And it was so nice to hear the cascading la la’s return again but in a new format and how much his voice now has a gorgeous Novo Amor quality to it. The real delight however is in his relentless grasp of melody in both the playing and his delivery, which means that as a listener you are rewarded every time. I have to say I really worry about the state of music at the moment but then there are songs such as ‘I Don’t Care’ emerging that indicate that not all is lost. Getting a bit emotional now because this is so devastatingly beautiful. KH

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Year: 2017

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