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Vanity page wherein mp3hugger scans the world’s media for titbits of recognition.

December 2007 – The gonna be band of 2008 called Ham Sandwich describes mp3hugger thusly ‘the indie MP3 discoverer website that makes Christopher Colombus’ adventure to the America’s look like the morning Stena ferry sailing to Hollyhead’. To celebrate hugger enjoys several festive pinta’s with Nina and Santa Maria.

September 2007 – mp3hugger’s growing reputation as an international blog (see March entry) sees various posts syndicated to Reuters and NBC. Linguaphone tapes have been ordered to handle the inevitable worldwide paparazzi scrum calling to Dublin 1.

April 2007 – Irish Independent music correspondent John Meagher describes mp3hugger as ‘an excellent gateway to exciting new music’ in the Day & Night entertainment supplement with the paper. The week previously hugger blew much of 2007’s budget on Meagher’s favourite cuban cigars.

March 2007 – mp3hugger gets mentioned in the salubrious Irish Times as a recommended international blog. Fails to make the recommended Irish blogs list though. Rechecks passport, map and neatly pressed Irish football jersey.

February 2007 – much feted Canadian music blog Chromewaves puts ‘mp3hugger’ and ‘nicely done’ in the same sentence for the piece about Slowdive.

January 2007 – mp3hugger gets nominated for best music blog in Ireland award. Not shortlisted so that very minute puts in an order for a bale of brown paper bags (to aid both bribing and street drinking).

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