#16 Ride – Taste

There are just some bands that have the added cool factor, not that they do anything that is inherently swish just a feeling of aloofness that can’t be canned. The Stone Roses, (the) Verve and Ride all had it, apart from blazing great swathes of mercurial noise in our faces they had the poise and laidback swagger of people who were born to be in a band. Ride had 2 gifted writers (although, quite what has happened to Beatles cover band boy Andy Bell is a mystery) who never really saw eye to eye but when they did they had the imagination to create guitar-fused masterpieces. ‘Taste’ was released as part of the ‘Fall’ EP, one of several EP’s that they put out in the early nineties. The EP’s artwork showing a colony of snow covered penguins roving the desolate landscape is a delightful guide to the delicacies that await inside. ‘Taste’ has Mark Gardener’s wispy vocals floating like a ring of smoke amid the multi-layered cascading guitars. He doesn’t say a great deal but the delivery is so sweet that his playful aah’s are much more effective than any words could be. This is hugely uplifting music that will shuttle you away like a daydream on a particularly boring day at work. As the taste just slips away you can’t help experiencing the childhood euphoria you last felt that day spent at the seaside. KD

Ride – Taste

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Album: Taste EP
Year: 1990

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