#20 Stephen Malkmus – Loud Cloud Crowd

It has taken him 3 solo albums but at last Stephen Malkmus is recapturing the dash he cut with his former band. ‘Face The Truth’ is decked out in enough curiously angled melodies to satisfy even the most disenchanted Pavement fan. Ok, it’s not the rollercoaster adventure that was ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’ but at least Malkmus, with one foot set in middle age, is acknowledging the fact that growing old has some interesting artistic possibilities. Hey maybe there’s no terror in the twilight after all. ‘Loud Cloud Crowd’ is as daft as it sounds, Malkmus sings as if he’s humming while a fleet of guitars bubble underneath. The peace is only briefly broken to allow some shrieking strings to augment the chorus of sorts. For the rest of the time the singer knits an aural hammock that’ll have you dozing in the nearest available shade, bingo card at the ready. KD

Stephen Malkmus – Loud Cloud Crowd

Album: Face The Truth
Year: 2005
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