#40 Mylo – Muscle Cars

Ah bedroom electronica, ya can’t beat it. Get yourself a clapped out 16mb computer, download a free version of fruity loops, add in a spot of ingenuity and the world is your oyster. And that’s exactly what’s on show here from this castaway from the Isle of Skye. While Mylo’s debut album may dip its toe in enough strands of dance to keep an eclectic audience amused ‘Muscle Cars’ is unashamed trance with added brain cells. The busy synths have the horizons to themselves, which produces a rush that is refreshingly clean and the inevitable beats do little to detract from what could be a page from Orbitals handbook on how to create vivid landscapes using primary numbers only. ‘Muscle Cars’ also straddles the grand blueprint as laid out by Sacha’s ‘Xpander’ which means it can easily stand the test of repeated exposure. We could possibly forgive the man his threat to destroy Rock & Roll when the alternative he proffers is as noteworthy as this. KD

Mylo – Muscle Cars

Album: Destroy Rock & Roll
Year: 2004
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