#168 Flotation Toy Warning – Donald Pleasance

Ok, this is a long one so hang in there if at all possible. Flotation Toy Warning is up there with Thee More Shallows in the hard to remember band names. For what its worth the name was coined after a near fatal event involving a band member, a Lilo and several cubic metres of water. After spending a few minutes perusing the bands website you get the impression you’re not dealing with your commoner gardener indie band. Their vivid imagination seeps through to their music also, revealing lush soundscapes and vivid subject matters. You can forgive singer Paul Carter’s likeness to Starsailor’s irritating warbler James Walsh because he sounds genuinely earnest and the fact that the music that surrounds him is so lush. ‘Donald Pleasance’ winning formula is deduced from inspired strings, drifting brass and low-key fretwork. Unfortunately the whole thing shrivels towards the end through sheer longevity. Some careful editing and the removal of about 3 minutes would have left a considerably tidier package. That said this is a subtle piece of music, intelligent and somehow quite soothing in a comfort blanket kind of way. KD

Flotation Toy Warning – Donald Pleasance

Artist Website: Flotation Toy Warning
Album: The Bluffers Guide to the Flight Deck
Year: 2004

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