#240 The Sundays – Can’t Be Sure

Despite only ever recording one truly classic album the Sundays are rightly lauded as pioneers. An intoxicating mix of fluid mix jangling guitars and Harriet Wheeler’s crystal clear vocals meant that their sound was distinctive. The band notably wrote about British themes including the miserable weather and Wheeler’s vocals were a product of old London town. ‘Can’t Be Sure’ is taken from the aforementioned classic ‘Reading, Writing & Arithmetic’ and pitches an awkward shimmering riff with decidedly artificial drum patterns. Wheeler’s partner David Gavurin throws the guitar lines about like confetti in a seemingly shapeless montage but disassembling the intricacies is one of the songs great strengths. Take time to let this sink in, it should form the bedrock of any serious music fans collection. KD

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Year: 1990

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  1. April 21, 2006

    So, so true… there are not that many albums that I’ve played more than this one and, you know, I’ve still not dared play the other albums they made… I just can’t. It might make things less perfect. excellent choice of track too. Cue applause…

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