Stars of Track and Field – With You

While a collection of words that includes track, stars, field will forever be synonymous with the opening scene’s of Belle & Sebastian’s unapproachable ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’ album you should bear a thought for the band of the same name. Mostly because songs like ‘With You’ deserve to be in your head along with all that other unimportant stuff. The Portland, Oregan group has recently downsized by a quarter with the result that they now rely more on artificial sources to convey their message. The singing on ‘With You’ is slightly disfigured and proceedings flow in such a skewed manner that it’s unlikely that it will ever grace the mainstream charts. But, who needs commercialism (are you listening Mr. Murdoch) when playing it from the heart generally guarantees a much more enjoyable ride. This has enough dynamics including tight vocal interplay and distant melodious riffing to ensure Stars of Track & Field could soon be an event all of their own. KD

Stars of Track and Field – With You

More Info: Stars of Track and Field
Buy SOTAF’s: [UK] Centuries Before Love & War [US] Centuries Before Love & War
Year: 2006

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