Hotels – Atlantic

In case you are confused this is not The Hotels from the UK, this is in fact Hotels from the US. So goes the itsy bitsy ironic piece on Hotels myspace bulletin board anyway and who are we to argue. As it happens the flagship single from Hotels album ‘Thank You For Choosing”¦’ is a grand little 3 star effort with much to recommend. Straight from the off you’ll realise that the band are hardly breaking new ground with obvious influences that include Joy Division, Interpol and Kraftwerk (and Devo if the press shots are anything to go by). But, just because they are not revolutionary doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth investigating, the opposite in fact as ‘Atlantic’ is a flash piece of audio kit despite its non-linear approach. What develops could nearly be passed off as another winning Jaga Jazzist composition were it not for the eerie Ian Curtis vocals, the range of instruments is impressive as is their superb execution. KD

Hotels – Atlantic

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Thank You for Choosing… [US] Thank You For Choosing…
Year: 2005

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