The Grates – Sukkafish

There is an element of artiness about everything that comes out of the 3-piece that is the Grates. Whether it be the school report styled bio on their website, the slick yet childlike press shots or the interminably cool music it not too difficult to spot that these are undeniably gifted kids. Hopefully the industry they find themselves in won’t spoil their quirky edge because it would be a shame if they didn’t soon occupy a popular niche all on their own. ‘Sukkafish’ (nope I don’t know what it is either) is a single from last year and highlights Patience Hodgson’s Manda Rineque lineage. She displays intensity without ever expelling through much bile; in fact her anger could easily be measured as a slight tantrum or perhaps amiable youthful exuberance (she is a noted speedball of activity on stage too). She’s not the only attraction either as John Patterson’s understated riff’s are effortlessly appealing. Alana Skyring, despite having a name built for stardom, takes up the rear with a punchy display on drums. The Grates ‘Gravity Won’t Get You High’ is being revealed piecemeal to the world throughout 2006 so get in there before the jocks do. KD

The Grates – Sukkafish

More Info: The Grates
Buy Something From The Hearth: [UK] Gravity Won’t Get You High [US] Gravity Won’t Get You High
Year: 2006

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  1. Anonymous
    July 14, 2006

    saw these guys in sydney in january, just before they released gravity. They were amazing, so energetic and their excitement was contagious. They seemed genuinely pleased to have people watching them. Patience also had a great rapport with the crowd.

  2. July 18, 2006

    Saw them too. A great live band and the album is just so much fun.

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