Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns – Maasai Mara

In an effort to shun his metal adoring chums Ryan McPhun decided to split from his home in California and put down roots in faraway New Zealand. A little over the top I’m sure you’ll agree but in musical terms it proved to be a canny move. Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns is what he calls his band and together they make sweet music using themes as quirky as the story of the lonely Kenyan Zebra named Ulysses. Of course it’d all fall apart quite rapidly if ‘Maasai Mara’ didn’t sound so utterly contemporary yet have the intricate harmonies normally associated with music from the sunshine states. Not sense Mike Batt decided to adopt a group of furry creatures has a song so captured the majesty of wild earth. Ryan also moonlights as the drummer in another NZ band called the Brunettes, just for the phun of it I guess. KD

Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns – Maasai Mara

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Year: 2005

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  1. August 13, 2006

    hey from NZ!If you are enjoying the Ruby Suns then I may I suggest you also check out The Reduction Agents and Lawrence Arabia (also from Lil Chief), who’se HQ, as it happens is just up the road from me here in Auckland.http://www.cheeseontoast.co.nz – NZ Indie Music

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