The Arcade Fire – No Winter For A Year

Speaking of works in progress (or works that never progressed in this case) here is a clip of the Arcade Fire before they bloomed into their current multi-membered incarnation. ‘Winter For A Year’ is taken from a demo recorded in 2001 although the details of the sessions are clouded in mystery. What is known is that both Wim and Regine were both involved but Butler has distanced himself from the recordings. Most of the 10 tracks are worth a listen but there are several highlights. The jangling fret play on ‘The Great Arcade Fire’ is exquisite even if it is littered with bum notes. The near instrumental ‘Asleep At The Wheel’ has a fluidity that is close to therapeutic. That said, ‘Winter For A Year’ is certainly the most accomplished piece, appearing fully formed with Butler’s characteristic whine and an offbeat layer of percussion to back him up. Just on the button then for another season of Six Feet Under if they ever decide to resurrect its lifeless corpse. KD

The Arcade Fire – No Winter For A Year

Watch The Video For Rebellion (Lies)

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Buy Album: [UK] Funeral [US] Funeral
Year: 2004

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