The Sound Of Young Ireland (Vol. 1)

Tasty morsels from the land that made Richie Kavanagh a star. An occasional series that promises the best of Irish without the Concertina.

Beard stroking electronica from the man with no fixed monikor.

Si Schroeder – Lavendermist

More info: Si Schroeder

Pavement reform in a remote village in county Longford.

Glenwash – Uptown Outpost

More info: Glenwash

Aphex Twin finds his long lost sibling.

LPX – Chambers

More info: LPX

As inoffensive as a bottle full of baby’s milk.

Pharmacy – Tears

More info: Pharmacy

Brian Wilson reincarnated as a burly Irishman.

Pugwash – Apples

More info: Pugwash

Purty little tunes fall off this band like autumn leaves.

Delorentos – Leave It On

More info: Delorentos


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