Antennas To Heaven – Funnier With A Hunting Plank

Antennas To Heaven (note the Godspeed reference) were always going to be hard to resist given their post-rock tendencies. What sets them apart is their sparing use of the thought provoking spoken word. It wouldn’t matter a jot of course if the chord ensembles weren’t up to scratch but ATH achieve memorable jaunts through swirling atmospherics and string tugs to have Mogwai wondering why they had been so haphazard in their application on Mr. Beast. ‘Funnier With A Plank’ starts off wonderfully and builds to a slightly disappointing plateau until finally finishing with a crescendo that the opening deserves. ‘Hunting’ is far more reserved exploring Explosions In The Sky territory with finesse and style. There is much to enjoy as the distant beat summons greater melodic flourishes. Looks like the Geordies may have at last discovered a winning combination. KD

Antennas To Heaven – Funnier With A Plank

Antennas To Heaven – Hunting

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Buy Album: The Line Between Myth and Reality Has Always Been In Finland
Year: 2006

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