Babybird – Goodnight

Before ‘You’re Beautiful’ there was ‘You’re Gorgeous’, a much more amiable piece of subtle pop music. In the end it was Steven Jones undoing, much like the proverbial stone around an artists necks where one song dictates how a talent is forever measured. Babybird was for the longest time a Jones solo project that yielded countless ditties, many of which remained on four-track. The onset of major label interest and with the help of a groundswell of committed fans the pick of the lo-fi recordings were rewritten and recorded for the ‘Ugly Beautiful’ collection. ‘Goodnight’ was one lucky recipient of the sonic overhaul and remains a resplendent tour to force. Jones sprays his vitriol about while a snaking hammond pummels the meek jangling chords. The combination worked and ‘Goodnight’ became one of Babybird’s 9 chart hits. ‘Between My Ears Theres Nothing But Music’ is Jones’ first record under the Babybird moniker since 2000 and is released later this month. KD

Babybird – Goodnight

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Buy Album: [UK] UGLY BEAUTIFUL [US] Babybird – The Greatest Hits
Year: 1996

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