The Cherry Tempo – In Hindsight I Know

Such is my sneaking regard for electronica that I will fall instantly for anything that trebles with noises pouring from an object that one day could hold us all prisoners. That’s why when Santa Fe’s the Cherry Tempo broached my aural hairs their neck located cousins decided it was time to make like royalty was in the area. ‘In Hindsight I Know’ is so deliciously aware of the fact that today won’t be the day when things are hurried, creativity could likely spawn from couch bound positions so why get in a tizzy. There are bass tugs like a pretty girls’ blushes, singing capable of melting waxy deposits and an opening that sounds all the world like mans first attempt to record a pleasant dream. Hyperbole!!! they shout while at same time attempt to catch the colourful floating baubles that have just began invading the room. The Cherry Tempo’s self-titled debut is out now. KD

The Cherry Tempo – In Hindsight I Know

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Year: 2006

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