Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

For people of a certain age the mere mention of Technotronic is likely to coerce wide grins of past adventures on a long abandoned dancefloor. ‘Pump Up The Jam’ has almost passed into the realms of pastiche but it remains eminently danceable. Remember this was 1989 when scruffy northern types wearing Joe Bloggs flares inhabited the musical landscape. Baggy was big and indie was taking its first baby steps towards a groovier planet. While Holland had its 2 Unlimited, Belgium produced Technotronic. The reality behind the clever marketing amounted to not much more than a Milli Vanilli group of individuals however. The brains was in fact a philosophy teacher from the States and its face a model come mime artist named Felly. The vocals on ‘Pump Up The Jam’ were actually provided by a rapper called Ya Kid K but her contribution was not revealed until years later. At this stage I guess nobody cares, all that matters is that ‘Pump Up The Jam’ gets your boody on the dancefloor tonight. KD

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

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Buy Album: [UK] This Beat Is Technotronic [US] Greatest Remix Hits
Year: 1989

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