The Longcut – A Tried And Tested Method

The Longcut’s ‘A Call And Response’ is more evidence to prove that northern England or Manchester to be precise still has the ammunition to produce great guitar bands. The trio have been on the go for over 2 years now having met at University. The album is interlaced with all manner of guitar surges, lively percussion and Stuart Ogilvie’s refined singing. They claim to owe much of their inspiration to Sonic Youth yet there is a distinctively British feel to much of what they produce. ‘A Tried And Tested Method’ is one of their standout moments. Bedecked in chiming chords and a rotund bass rumble it comes into its own about the 2-minute mark when a solitary riff creates a procession all on its own. The dynamics are engaging and when they are twinned with the Longcut’s keen sense of melody you know you are onto a winner. KD

The Longcut – A Tried And Tested Method

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Buy Album: [UK] A Call and Response [US] Call & Response
Year: 2006

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  1. Tim
    October 17, 2006

    really is a beautiful song

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