Bearsuit – Rodent Disco

Bis fans, awake from your slumber because Bearsuit are about to sweep you off your lightly tinselled feet. Blasting at the face of MOR Bearsuit have been contributing fresh pieces of fantastic plastic out of Norwich since 2001 but it seems that it’ll be a song that takes the name of a famous Hollywood director in vain to shoot them to semi-fame. ‘Steven F***ing Spielberg’ is pretty gorgeous with its erratic strings and a slingshot boy/girl partnership. The promising signs were there for all to see for some time though, with scuzzy masterpieces like ‘Rodent Disco’ preaching from a hymn sheet that neither adheres to old testament nor ditchforks prediction for 2007’s most bankable genre. ‘Rodent Disco’ is deceptively all over the place, like an unleashed Cocker Spaniel in a pedigree chum producing facility. Pull your rainbow jumper over your face and down an ice-cream. KD

Bearsuit – Rodent Disco

Watch The Video To Steven F***ing Spielberg

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Cat Spectacular [US] Steven F***ing Speilberg
Year: 2004

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