Busdriver – Avantcore

On the face of it this beat beat/hip hop hybrid is far removed from what would normally nestle in my onion sack but good music is good music no matter the genre. Busdriver is the work of Regan Farquhar (hey, wouldn’t it have sat well on the Shrek soundtrack too!) from Los Angelus who has had hip-hop in his blood from the day he was born. Busdriver is characterised by his word tsunamis and on ‘Avantcore’ a wonderful circular piano riff and guest vocal that has just parachuted in from a little fluffy cloud underlines his message. The tune is universal with undoubted appeal all the way from little acorns to granny smiths. KD

Busdriver – Avantcore

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Fear of a Black Tangent [US] Fear of a Black Tangent
Year: 2005

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