Maps – Lost My Soul

Seems the swell of engaging electronic artists breaking through has contracted a tad of late. The genre seemed to overtake its guitar-wielding cousins for a brief spell in the early part of the century. That said there are occasional bright spots to be had like Northampton’s Maps. Maps is the work of James Chapman and a revolving cast of backing musicians. His first 3 singles have been compiled onto an EP called ‘Start Something’ which includes the heartbreaker ‘Lost My Soul’. Sounding like a Flaming Lips composition it also manages to package some of Magnet’s amiable soundscapes into its sweet contours. Atmosphere flows from every pore and you can almost feel Chapman’s sadness as the organ emissions spill forth like synthetic tears. The road ahead looks quite interesting. KD

Maps – Lost My Soul

Watch The Video To Don’t Fear

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: Start Something
Year: 2006

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