Revolver – Wave

It was no accident that Revolver were signed to Verve’s (the ‘the’ only came later) label Hut who in the early nineties tended to specialise in swirling dreampop wonders. The trio were formed in Winchester in 1990 and were closely aligned to the sound Ride were blueprinting. They released a clutch of impressive singles (‘Crimson’, ‘Heaven Sent An Angel’) and one very good album called ‘Cold Water Flat’. The album was awash with shimmering chords and Mat Flint’s ever so fey vocals. The closer was ‘Wave’, an epic shoegaze wigout that seems to have been unfairly lost in the mists of time. The dynamics while never intense, pulse with frenetic glee as layer after layer of guitar burst into life. Revolver broke up in 1993 with Flint enlisting as the bass player with electronic whizz kids Death In Vegas as well as fronting his own project Deep Cut. KD

Revolver – Wave

More Info: Cold Water Flat
Buy Album: [UK] Cold Water Flat [US] Cold Water Flat
Year: 1993

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  1. Stefani
    November 7, 2006

    Great song. Thanks. :)

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