The Motifs – Dots Secret Address

The Motifs are quite glad that they’ve managed to sell out their debut CD. Ok, it was only 50 copies but little acorns and all that. And, little acorns are about as apt as you could get to describe the wispy wonderfulness that Alexis from Melbourne creates. Sweden’s Music Is My Girlfriend were the canny label to snap her up, spotting how her sub 2 minute acoustic rambles could potentially become the stuff of legend. You’ll spot an early B&S influence as well kindred spirits Camera Obscura but its hard not to admire the uniquely toyful way the Motifs eek out a charming harmony. You’d think the idea would soon diminish but each tune has its own spread of joyful inventiveness. On this evidence twee pop could once again rule the world. Thanks to the wonderful getecho for the heads up on this. KD

The Motifs – Dots

The Motifs – Secret Address

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Dots
Year: 2006

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