Rocketship – Hey, Hey, Girl

Here is an early Christmas present to conjure a certain knowing smile from lovers of the golden age of indiepop. The all but lost ‘Hey Hey Girl’ (thanks) from the majestic Rocketship originally came out as a 7-inch (not porn or anything that could be placed on a hard disk) and despite appearing on a few indiepop compilations (‘One, Two, Twee’ being the cleverest of them) has had a relatively scarce internet existence. Rocketship are still on the go (they couldn’t Reske on their laurels now could they), funnelling electronic noodles into eager begging bowls over at Rocketship headquarters. In fact ‘Here Comes…Rocketship’, the bands second LP has just been released, a full 10 years after their classic debut. ‘Hey Hey Girl’ is the epitome of the breezy happy song that Rocketship have become synonymous with. Organs are tweaked in a swirling sixties way, lithe strums flit like a skipped heartbeat and Reske’s indie boy vocals were so of its type that they launched a thousand imitators. Priceless. KD

Rocketship – Hey, Hey, Girl

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Here Comes…Rocketship
Year: 2006 (hey, hey, girl from 1994)

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