Sciflyer – The Same Thing Goes For Christmas

This is more an effort to showcase Sciflyer’s nifty guitar work than a flagrant attempt to latch on to the billions of Christmas music searches currently being figured into the net’s best search engines. The song has little or nothing to do with the season of jollity unless you have a weakness for pulling your crackers to the sound of early nineties guitars being driven backwards over a blanket of freeform vocals. Ride, Swervedriver (see the ‘Raise’ album for inspiration) and Chapterhouse spring to mind as ‘The Same Thing Goes for Christmas’ goes for the jangling juggler with gusto from the getgo. Taken from the bands recent ‘The Age of Lovely, Intimate Things’ EP it is a pleasant throwback to a time when feedback, shoes and haircuts were the trinity of characteristics that could make or break a band. ‘Like An Ion’ features even more distorted vocals but just drips with an epic low slung swagger. Sciflyer are ready to launch ‘They Only Believe In The Moon’ in 2007 so lets hope Kim, Steve and Scott aim towards the sky. KD

Sciflyer – The Same Thing Goes For Christmas

Sciflyer – Like An Ion

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] The Age of Lovely, Intimate Things [US] The Age of Lovely, Intimate Things
Year: 2005

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