South Ambulance – Hanging In A Tie

South Ambulance

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Don’t you just love Christmas pressies from your favourite artists? The best last year was a new song from one of 2005’s revelations South Ambulance. As ever with these scatty Scandinavians there’s no point trying to deduce what on earth they are singing about because it doesn’t make a lot of sense. It matters not a jot because the frazzled music that they create is so heartbreakingly beautiful you’ll want to climb the highest Christmas tree in town and place an angelic jpeg of the group at its peak. The production is never the clearest but they spring rich melody through a blast of harmonious vocals and chords. There is also a certain shoegazing vibe going on but South Ambulance infuse a joie-de-vivre in their music that was absent from the long since departed genre. The vocals on ‘Hanging In A Tie’ are loose and bouncy and chirpy guitars skedaddle in every direction. You will no doubt find yourself humming along to it over the next fortnight, but, remember this exceptional band are not just for Christmas. 2007 (last year, when this piece was written it said 2006!) will be theirs. KD

South Ambulance – Hanging In A Tie

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] South Ambulance [US] South Ambulance
Year: 2005

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