Curve – Coast Is Clear

Gonna wrap up this day of nostalgia with a band I never truly embraced but who had an unmistakable sound. That and the fact that it was easy to lose oneself in the dark recesses of any indie dive while vixen Toni Halliday bleeted her ethereal dispatches against a backdrop of raging white noise. Curve was essentially a collaboration between Halliday and Dean Garcia and the union lasted for almost 15 years as Curve only officially called it a day in early 2005. Although they released a handful of albums it will be their early EP’s that Curve will be remembered for. ‘Coast Is Clear’ is taken from 1991 release ‘Frozen’. Sounding like a drunken Cocteau Twin ‘Coast Is Clear’ is characterised by an electro flute and a charging army of guitars. Halliday’s vocals are near indistinguishable but the harmonies are precise and hugely rewarding. KD

Curve – Coast Is Clear

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Buy Album: [UK] Doppleganger [US] Doppelgänger
Year: 1992

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  1. January 5, 2007

    Great mini-summary Hugger – and song 2 – I still remember hearing ’10 little girls’ (on the radio) and doing that whole ‘what the feck is that on??’ thing… an incredible feel to the music. A lot of ‘polish’ to it.

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