Explosions In The Sky – Welcome, Ghosts

There are some albums that stay with you forever. A connection that is hard to fathom but every time it plays something inside erupts. ‘Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place’ is one of those albums, I’m often moved to tears by its inherent soul, deep melancholy and above all its rampant creativity. Not bad for a post rock quartet (no singing!) from Texas who haven’t yet got round to making an official video. Post rock may conjure up images of several scruffy Glaswegians perforating eardrums after lulling the audience into submission through sweet ambling chords. EITS’s crescendo’s are less abusive, instead relying on deep textures that are not apparent until you’ve entered double figures in the listening stakes. The bands 4th album ‘All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone’ is due to be released at the end of next month and initial impressions are good. If anything the new album is harder to penetrate than ‘Earth INACDP’. The musicianship is masterful and crafty so you’ll have to work hard at uncovering the hooks. The momentum ebbs and flows and at first it can be a near exhausting experience. In my book it will be heading for the top of the albums of 2007. Included here is track 2 from the album which Temporary Residence have given away as a taster before the official release. KD

Explosions In The Sky – Welcome, Ghosts

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Year: 2007

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