Loney, Dear – I Am John

Some day soon a crack documentary team are going to have to infiltrate deepest Sweden and find out how on earth a country of under 10 million is currently producing a fair percentage of the most exciting acts in indiedom. A good starting point on the journey of sonic discovery could be one Emil Svanängen, the impetus that powers Loney, Dear. I know I slip into hyperbole quite easily but if Loney, Dear’s ‘Loney, Noir’ is not featuring in most lists of the top albums of 2007 then I’ll eat my moth ridden long sleeved Frank & Walters t-shirt. Quite simply it is an astonishing work that’ll have tingles running down your spine in the same way it happened that time you overestimated your capacity for swallowing desert spoons of fizzy sherbet all those years ago. Svanängen has a delicate voice with an aptitude to reduce a man to tears. So far, ‘Carrying A Stone’ is the tune that always has its way with me until my slobbering becomes slightly undignified for a man in his mid-thirties. As you can imagine it is quite affecting. The track included here is the opener on ‘Loney, Noir’ that Sub Pop have posted on their website. ‘I Am John’ is busy with all manner of subtle nuances like a tinkling glockenspiel, early Belle & Sebastian guitar led dalliances and Svanängen virtuoso performance that marks him out as a singular voice. I’ve got a camera, anyone want to join me? ‘Loney, Noir’ is released on Sub Pop on February 6th. You can hear him on ‘This Boy’ from I’m From Barcelona. KD

Loney, Dear – I Am John

Watch The Video To The City, The Airport

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Year: 2007

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