We Will Build – Out These Doors Inside

It’s all around us, free music is floating around the world wide web like autumnal leaves in a countryside river in late September. A lot of it is disposable, much of it is challenging and some of it is downright life affirming. Falling into the final category is Canadian duo We Will Build whose electronic voyages put latter day Lemon Jelly into the no hopers corner. Purely instrumental but soaked in humanity We Will Build’s creations are careful studies in music as a mood enhancer. Their website practically gives all their songs away for nowt and a random ‘save target as’ action should fill your day with wonder. The tongue twisting ‘Out These Doors Inside’ is a particular highlight, looping and ferreting through deep swelling bleeps. It could almost be Orbital performing at a 4 year olds birthday party such are mini plots and diverse capers on show. Perhaps Monday morning won’t seem like such a slog this week if this and ‘Worth A Song’ are given free reign during your weetabix chomping session. KD

We Will Build – Out These Doors Inside

We Will Build – Worth A Song

More Info: Official
Year: 2006

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