Mates of State – Fraud in the 80's

Although less celebrated than the Arcade Fire’s central core Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel prove once again why a husband and wife team can seduce the creative nerves into something approaching bliss. Together they are Mates of State, an uproariously joyous musical apparition with songs to make your ears wiggle and your legs, well, jiggle (?). ‘Fraud In The ’80’s’ is taken from the duo’s much lauded 4th album ‘Bring It Back’ and despite it taking almost six months to snare my adoration there’s no doubt that from the get go you’ll know you are onto a winner. The scuzzy organ may exhibit limited dimensions but there is a delicate game being played here and its initial abrasiveness is upwardly reevaluated by the swoonful chorus. The song is versatile too and constant replays go to prove that Mates of State were in truly inspired form the day they sat down to create it. KD

Mates of State – Fraud in the 80’s

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Bring It Back [US] Bring It Back
Year: 2006

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