Bang Gang – Find What You Get

The randy dyslexic googler’s most referenced artist have just released a taster from their debut album ‘Something Wrong’ which is (only) getting a US release later this year. The ‘Find What You Get’ EP is a pretty concise indication of the treats that awaits (it has been around since 2003). Bardi Johannson is Bang Gang’s inspiration and already has a TV career behind him in his native Iceland. With a voice that is as chiselled as an iceberg Johannson lends the song a svelte demeanour but there is also a beautiful flow to the dynamics in the music. This song literally gushes from the speakers, groomed immaculately and so well crafted it could almost be the musical equivalent of a Hollywood starlet. KD

Bang Gang – Find What You Get

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Something Wrong [CD + DVD] [US] Something Wrong
Year: 2007

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