South Ambulance – Saturdays For Sad Excuses

I’m writing this and praying that this is not a prophetic moment for later on at Croke Park. Until then we’ll saviour the atmosphere and lift the roof in the home of the GAA. You know the way I’m always banging on about how Sweden continually pulls great bands out of the bag. Well, this band are probably my favourite Scandanavian’s of the whole lot. South Ambulance are purveyors of the purest melody, wrapped in a shoegaze coating. They are daft beyond repair but their lyrics just expose the joyful giddiness in the music. And if that wasn’t enough they have recorded a wonderful version of ‘Kinky Love’ from ace blast from the past outfit the Pale Saints. South Ambulance’s effervescent debut was recently re-released on Rachel Goldstar’s Rollerderby Records (having being original printed on Labrador) and it is a work of pure imagination.KD

South Ambulance – Saturdays For Sad Excuses

South Ambulance – Kinky Love

Watch The Video To Die 5 Times Times 5 (steve?)

More Info: Official (Shades please) & Myspace
Buy Album: Here & Here
Year: 2005

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  1. March 24, 2007

    I am loving this South Ambulance!

  2. WindomEarle
    April 21, 2007

    “Daft beyond repair”–LOL. I guess I know what you mean, but you are also very correct that this is nevertheless a great band and a great album. I especially like the way “Die 5 times times 5” has to be the happiest sounding kiss-off ever. Glorious noise and melody. Such a find.

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